Custom Metal SIgns

At Apex Metal Signs, we specialize in offering our customers the unique opportunity to decorate their home and/or living space with high-quality, personalized metal signs made right here in America with the highest excellence.

Apex, according to the Cambridge Dictionary, means: “The highest point or most successful part of something.” That’s not to be taken as us tooting our own horns; it’s meant as a watchword for our entire approach to business. If we’re not striving to be the absolute best in the industry, we’re not living up to our commitment to you.

To fulfill that commitment, we’ve assembled what we consider to be one of the most extensive and varied collections of customizable metal art you’ll find in retail. All of our signs are handcrafted with pride and care and designed to transform any indoor/outdoor space into…well, whatever you want it to be! Whether you’re hanging signs in your garage, redesigning the aesthetic of your kitchen, or outfitting your new business, we’re certain you can find a product that matches your needs.

Our 16-gauge steel signs are heavy enough to let you know that you’re holding something substantial in your hands, yet light enough to hang on the wall with little more than a single nail. This helps us realize our mission of bringing customers the perfect combination of superiority and value.

As for applications, the sky’s the limit! We could spend hours making suggestions about where and how to use our custom metal signs, but if you browse through our collection, you’re bound to come up with your own ideas. To get your imagination humming, though, we’ll name a handful of possibilities:

·         Signs that combine your family name and the date your “nest” was established

·         Informational Signs

·         House signs that display your name and address

·         Gifts for others

·         Housewarming presents

·         Office Décor

·         Personalized Signs for the kitchen

·         Customized signs for your man cave

·         Door signs that advertise your business

Want a sign to hang outdoors, but you’re concerned about the elements? Worry not, because our products are powder coated for rust resistance. Other sign manufacturers may skip this step in the interest of shaving a buck or two off the price, but the savings come with a steep sacrifice. At Apex Metal Signs, we’re not interested in selling products that rust into dilapidation within a couple of years. We want you to enjoy your personalized metal art for years to come, and we’re committed to the high-quality craftmanship that make that goal possible.

Speaking of quality, our CEO is fond of saying, “If I wouldn’t be comfortable personally delivering a product to a customer, it doesn’t leave the shop.” These are the words we live by in this family-owned business. And if you ever find that your order fails to meet your expectations for quality, we urge you to contact us as soon as possible; we will do everything we can to make sure you are satisfied with your order.

Metal Letters

We also carry a variety of metal letters for all types of projects. Could be for a decorative inside, farmhouse, business or anything else. We can paint them as well or use a clear coat to keep the original color. They come in small and large metal letters. Let us know your needs and we can create something nice for you.

Shop now, and shop with confidence.