Showcase Your Faith With These Beautiful Metal Crosses

There is no symbol greater than the cross when it comes to Christianity. Simple, powerful, and strangely beautiful, the cross stands for the crucifixion of Jesus and, by extension, the salvation He came to deliver for all those who believed. It is the juncture point for the entire religion – a symbol of death that has been transformed to become a symbol of everlasting life. Many Christians find it comforting to surround themselves with crosses, be it in the form of jewelry or in the form of wall art. If you are of such a mind, you’ll find plenty to love in this collection of startlingly well-made metal crosses, found only here at Apex Metal.

Here are some of our favorite examples.

Celtic Cross

The Celtic cross is a unique form of the Christian cross that has been used as a cherished religious symbol by Irish Catholics since the Middle Ages. Distinct from traditional crosses due to the nimbus found at the intersection of the crossbeams, this cross can be found everywhere – from churches to cemeteries to artwork. There is some dispute about the purpose of the ring. Some say it is a representation of the halo; in other words, a reminder of the divinity of Jesus. Others say it comes from earlier pagan designs, and that its incorporation into the cross is meant to highlight Christianity’s overcoming of the old gods. Whatever the origin, there is no doubt that this is a potent symbol of faith for many millions of Christians worldwide.

Floral Cross

At the intersection of art and faith lies this extraordinary floral cross, which is immaculate in its detail and intricacy. When customers turn their attention toward metal wall art, they often expect the pieces to be somewhat more…blunt…than artwork made from more delicate materials. This piece is all the evidence you need to see the fallacy in that expectation. The truth is that – especially with modern metalwork techniques – it is possible to create masterpieces of subtlety and elegance while maintaining the strength and durability of 16-gauge steel. Flowers occupy that sacred realm, somewhere between the material world and the hidden spirit behind it all. This is represented beautifully in this floral cross.

Scrolled Cross

For those that find a simple cross design to be a bit too basic for their tastes, there are a number of stunning options that use embellishment and flowing lines to add ethereal elegance to this iconic symbol of faith. One good example is the Scrolled Cross, which uses loose and incomplete circles to adorn the crossbeams. This creates an aesthetic charm while also symbolizing the mysterious unfolding of God’s plan for humanity. A piece like this deserves to be hung in a place of honor, and you’ll want it to be the center of attention.

Simple Celtic Cross

This is another take on the Celtic cross, a bit less elaborate than the one we introduced earlier. Some people prefer their crosses to be as ornate and decorative as possible; others prefer that focus be kept on the sharp lines and away from any embellishments that might detract from the religiosity of the symbol. If you fall into the latter category, you’ll have every reason to appreciate this simple Celtic cross, which retains the basic structure while doing away with anything that is not essential. Because of its basic design, this cross is highly versatile in terms of placement. It could fit in a chapel as well as it could in a living room. Of course, it is available in several different sizes, so you can choose the right one for your intended space.

Simple Cross

Here is another excellent option for people of faith who like their crosses simple and unadorned with extra decoration. This one is not unique to any particular denomination or sect, so it’s also a good choice for any Christians who might feel alienated by specifically “Irish” crosses. This cross is not only simple, it is also somewhat minimalist in its structure, which should appeal to anyone with decorative tastes that run in that direction. This particular design is sometimes known as the “Passion Cross”; its sharpened points represent the nails that were driven into Jesus at the time of the crucifixion. As the cross symbolizes the suffering that leads to salvation, this specific design hits home with many of Christ’s followers.

Cross with Leaves

There is no shortage of symbolism when it comes to the leaf and Christianity. Throughout the Bible, leaves are used to represent precious values such as love, peace, and hope. No greater example can be found than in the Old Testament, when Noah is bestowed with an olive branch as a sign that the flood was over and peace had been restored to an unholy world. Of course, there’s no need to overthink it. This Cross with Leaves design is beautiful, no matter the deeper meaning behind it. As with some of the earlier examples in this blog, it perfectly captures the intricacy and subtlety that can be achieved using today’s most advanced metalwork techniques.

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