Personalized Name Signs make special personalized gifts! These unique gifts for families are an excellent way to express your thanks, congratulations, or welcome to the neighborhood! Most can be personalized not only with the name but also with a quote, a special date, or any other wording you would like to include. Suitable for indoor use, these personalized metal name signs can be placed upright on a mantle, a bookshelf, or simply hang up in a special place on your wall. Each family sign has the letters and images lightly engraved right into the metal and then given a distressed finish. You’ll love how your new elegant metal name sign will add personality and character to any room or space you choose to display it. It’s an investment that will be enjoyed and last for many years to come!
Our personalized metal name signs can also be used for business purposes –to advertise your brand in a classy, practical manner.

Having a sign that represents what your business is about is important to attract new customers. Whether you are going for a modern or a more traditional look for your sign, you can achieve those results with a personalized metal name sign.

Nowadays, custom metal signs are some of the most popular signs used by businesses across the world. If you pay attention to the signs you see on the street, you will find most of them are made with some metal type. From retail signs to residential signs, everyone needs to use metal signs in need of attractive and affordable signage solutions.

If you want to give your business a professional and distinctive look, a custom metal sign can help you make a statement. There are many benefits to using metal signs. We have put together this list highlighting some of the most important things you need to know.

Why opting for metal?

1. Metal signs are very durable. Metal is a long-lasting material. When metal is used for signage, sign makers will usually add protective coats to help the metal become even more resistant and able to withstand the elements. Depending on the look you are going for and your signs’ location, different metals can be used. Back in the old days, signs were made of cast iron with molded lettering. The industry today mainly uses steel and aluminum.
2. Metal signs can be used for outdoor and indoor signage. Like we mentioned before, aluminum signs can be perfect for outdoor signage. In the case of metal signs, they can last for decades.
3. Metal signs are versatile. You can customize metal signs by choosing from a wide range of different styles, designs, and concepts. Metal surfaces are available in many different colors and finishes. You can get any thickness you need, and the metal plates can be lettered on either side. Aluminum is especially easy to use; it can be molded or cut into any shape. Signage companies often use metal to create custom channel letter signs.

Names are essential in our lives –they define us. Make yours a statement with one of our many fantastic personalized metal name signs. Search through our catalog for customization options, and choose between our many sizes and styles. Opt for high-quality, versatile, and durable signage.