Celebrate the Sea With These 6 Nautical-Themed Metal Signs

Nautical-themed décor was all the rage in the 1980s, and much like other trends in fashion and interior design, everything old is new again. As with clothing and musical fads, of course, the new always improves upon what came before. Today’s nautical themes are more sophisticated and stylish than the “hanging seaweed” products of yesteryear; there is a lot of focus on strong, durable pieces that genuinely look as if they could be used on a seafaring vessel.

Fortunately, you don’t have to own a boat or live within a hundred miles of the ocean to take advantage of this trendy style. All you need is access to some of the finest pieces from today’s cutting-edge artists. At Apex Metal, we’re proud to put the spotlight on some of the best examples in today’s article. Read on for some of our favorite nautical-themed metal signs!

6 – Sailboat Family Name Established Sign

So-called “established” signs have been popular in interior design circles for more than a decade now, and there’s no indication that this particular trend is going anywhere. Why would it? It takes a common business-sign theme and applies it to something far more important: The family unit! Who doesn’t want to put their pride in family on the wall for everyone to see? Whether you started your family twenty years ago or the day before yesterday, it’s never too early (or too late) to put up a sign celebrating your personal origin story. This sailboat-themed metal sign is perfect for the job at hand.

5 – Anchor Infinity Heart Sign with Initials

There may be no symbol that instantly invokes the open sea more accurately than the anchor, which is why you’ll see this iconic shape a few times in today’s round-up. We’re particularly excited about this one, which demonstrates that nautical themes, metal signs, and romance don’t have to be mutually exclusive. By no means! Nothing says love like two first initials, combined within the cozy confines of a heart shape. If your spouse is allergic to “softer” symbols of love and affection, they might be drawn in by the rough-and-tough edge of this anchor sign. Perfect for those who feel there’s nothing more romantic than a day out on the water.

4 – Compass Family Established Sign

Anyone who has ever traveled the fair seas knows the importance of a good compass. Today’s sailors may make more use of digital technology and GPS than an old-fashioned compass, but let’s face it: A metal sign with a GPS at the center would not make for a terrific decoration. Or maybe it would; who are we to say? In any case, the nautical compass star is not just a perfect symbol of sailing; it’s also a terrific analogy of family and home. After all, when you’re feeling stressed, tired, and lost, what else do you want but to get back home to the people who matter most? This sign will help you find the way back to what matters.

3 – Anchor with Monogram

Distinct and loaded with personal identity, the monogram is a wonderful way to add a touch of unique style to your interior décor scheme. When you combine the monogram with a nautical symbol, you wind up with a decorative accent that stands out from the rest of the pack. What’s most interesting about monogrammed-themed artwork is that it’s more versatile than it might appear at first. Yes, the traditional monogram makes use of a single individual’s initials, but you don’t have to stop there. Couple monograms are also a thing; you use each person’s first initial as the outer two letters and the shared last initial as the center. A great way to celebrate your family…or, if you prefer, yourself!

2 – Nautical Life Ring Family Established Sign

Any seafaring vessel worth its salt will have at least one life ring hanging from the side of the boat. Not only are these devices essential lifesaving tools, they have grown to become symbols of the entire nautical field. As such, they deserve to be included in metal art that celebrates the sea and the travelers who have made ocean exploration such an important part of civilization’s growth over the last thousand years. This is another family established sign, and the circular design is most fitting for the inclusion of a small life ring at the center. Indeed, to whom else but your family do you look when you need to be saved from drowning in the problems of daily life?

1 – Lighthouse Anchor With Family Name

Of all the nautical metal signs in our collection, this one may very well be our favorite. The way it seamlessly incorporates not one, not two, but three separate elements in a cohesive and thoughtful way makes it a true piece of art. The anchor and the lighthouse could not be more different, and yet they are both timeless symbols of ocean travel. The anchor keeps the ship from drifting; the lighthouse ensures that it can navigate the coastline without running aground. If there is a better metaphor for the power of family, we can’t imagine what it is. Through it all, your family is there to keep you grounded while also serving as your guidelight. Celebrate your loved ones with this iconic metal sign.