5 Reasons You Should Decorate Your Home With Metal Signs

When it comes down to it, decorating your home, office, or any other space is a form of storytelling. Interior designers are, if nothing else, creatives working in a medium every bit as valid as writing or filmmaking. And the good ones know that developing a theme isn’t just about making sure all the colors match perfectly; it’s about ensuring that everything in the room fits the context of the story they’re looking to tell. These stories aren’t necessarily linear; in many cases, they are more like tone poems that aim for a vibe as much as a concrete tale. When you walk into a room designed by a real pro, you will know immediately that you’re looking at something special.

It’s no coincidence that many top designers turn to metal signs when they want to infuse a space with dramatic impact. In a world where we have hundreds of materials to choose from, metal has a way of standing alone. It is the exclamation point in the designer’s toolbox, and it’s one you can learn to use – even if you have very little prior decorating experience. If you’re not sure how to spruce up your kitchen or transform your living room, let us suggest using metal signs to bring out the best in your home’s story. Here are 5 reasons you should give it a try.

5 – Metal Signs Are Extremely Durable

If you’ve ever purchased signs made from plastic or other cheaper materials, you may have noticed that they lack the durability and long-lastingness that you might have expected when you shelled out your hard-earned money. We’re not saying that you should eschew every material other than metal when designing your décor, but wouldn’t it be nice to purchase decorations that will last a while? With metal signs, you can be sure that your products won’t break or deteriorate the day after tomorrow.

Take this “Family Established” sign as a for-instance. Not only would it be the perfect accent for a family cabin, it comes with the strength of design that guarantees years and years of impeccable decoration. If you want your signs to stand the test of time, metal is a wise choice.

4 – Metal Signs Are Easy to Move From Place to Place

We don’t know about you, but we’re big fans of canvas art – especially those pieces that come without a frame. When paired with a lovely photograph or a custom painting, they can make for beautiful works of art that liven up a room. However, these pieces have their drawbacks. Chiefly, they can be easily damaged during transportation, and they aren’t easy to store under the best of circumstances. With most metal signs, that’s of no concern. Many of the products in our collection sit flat, and although they are solid and durable, they are lightweight enough to be easily transported from place to place.

This decorative house number sign is a good example of what we’re talking about. Not only is it designed to stand out in exterior conditions, it is flat and durable enough to be transported and stored at your desire.

3 – You Can Use Metal Signs to Match Any Décor

If you’ve experimented with interior decorating to any extent, you’ve almost certainly run into one of the most common frustrations: That moment when you find a beautiful piece, only to realize that it will clash unforgivably with the theme you’ve developed. Even if that “theme” is nothing more significant than your blue couch, you’ve got a situation for which there is no easy answer. The great thing about most metal signs is that they are neutral enough to fit smoothly into any scheme.

This 16-gauge scroll family name sign speaks to our claim. If it were done in pastels or particular colors, you would have to build your room’s décor around it. Because of its inherent neutrality, though, you can put it virtually anywhere you want!

2 – Metal Signs Require Very Little Maintenance

Even outdoors in relatively harsh conditions, metal signs won’t need nearly as much maintenance as those made from glass, wood, and other common materials. Indeed, this is one of the main reasons why shop owners turn so often to metal signs to expand their branding footprint. They don’t have the luxury of affording a new sign every couple of years, and they certainly can’t have a deteriorating sign on the wall, reflecting poorly on their business!

Any of the signs in our collection would illustrate our point here, but we really like this Tree of Life family sign, so we wanted to spotlight it. Instead of spending your time polishing and cleaning it, you can simply enjoy it!

1 – Metal Signs are Easy to Install

Heavy paintings and intricate artwork can look great in a given area, but these pieces often prove difficult for amateurs to hang, especially if they don’t have access to the right tools. The metal signs found at Apex are easy for anyone to install, and you probably won’t need anything more elaborate than a hammer and a nail. Some of the larger signs may require finding the studs (or, at the very least, more than a few nails to support the sign), but you certainly won’t need to call a professional.

In addition to making a patriotic statement that we can all get behind, this American Flag “United We Stand” sign is a terrific example of a piece that, though it is highly intricate in its design, can be hung by a homeowner in minutes.