They say life on Earth began in the sea. Perhaps that’s why, even as human beings who cannot breathe so much as a single milliliter of water, we find ourselves continually drawn to the sights and sounds of the shore. Some of us never feel so alive and at peace than when we are looking out across miles of blue water, whether it be an expansive lake or the Atlantic Ocean. Unfortunately, unless you can afford a house on the coastline or you have a home large enough to incorporate a large lake, it’s impossible to surround yourself with the trappings of ocean life at all times.

Or…is it?

With our Anchor Signs and a few creative approaches to your home décor, you can bring the accoutrements of sea life right to your front door (and beyond). Nautical-themed decorations have exploded in popularity over the last decade or so. In fact, they are only eclipsed by the metal trend itself. When you put these two design trends together, you get a hot piece of personal artwork that can transform a room’s vibe even without any additional elements. That said, once you use this “anchor piece,” so to speak, as the focus of your decorating adventure, the look and feel of your home can undergo exciting and vibrant changes.

Expanding Your Nautical Theme
If you’ve embraced the classic appeal of a nautical theme, our anchor metal signs are a unique and powerful way to get started. Not only do they give any room the bold statement that comes with high-quality metalwork, they impart the spirit of high adventure that comes with our thoughts of the open seas. There is a freedom to be found on the rolling waves – a freedom that so many of us feel is missing from our everyday, slave-to-the-grind lives. Sometimes all it takes is a splash of color and a few new design accents to remember that, in our hearts, we are always free.

Using one of our anchor metal signs as a focal point, you can easily begin to branch out and design a room – or even an entire house – around a nautical theme. Using a color palette filled with sky and navy blue tones in combination with candy reds and bright whites, you have all the ingredients necessary to paint your way to all points unknown on the seven seas. You can also incorporate seascape paintings, natural accents like sponges, and antique items like old ship pieces to create a coherent and transformative space.

Trust Apex for Your Anchor Signs
Every product we ship comes with the seal of quality approval from our team of experts, all of whom have years of experience working with metal décor elements. When you buy something from Apex, you are buying from the most dedicated, professional team in the industry, and we don’t ship until we’re completely satisfied with the quality of the product. Shop with us and you’ll soon see why the Apex difference matters.