Personalized Metal Signs

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A quick glance around any city street will reveal the ubiquity of metal. You may see a wrought iron fence enclosing a public park, as the metal pickets with welded tops that surround Bowling Green in lower Manhattan, notably the city’s oldest fence; a monument to modern inventions that have been eclipsed by subsequent generations, such as the United Kingdom’s iconic red telephone boxes, the ornate lamp posts in Paris, the City of Light. But most of all, you will see metal signs. The array of metal signs comes together to give meaning to space and place. Street and transportation sign systems, informative wayfinding signs, eclectic collections of custom metal signs for businesses, and residences.

Whether you seek informative signage, add-up on letters to comply with regulations, or for decorative purposes, we carry a vast array of metal signs that can be customized. Our aluminum signs have many advantages:

One-third the weight of steel, aluminum has rust-resistant properties. Colors can be dyed directly onto the surface, and some dips can give the metal a highly reflective quality. Overall, it is a popular and flexible material for signs and sign systems.

Use custom metal signs in reception areas, offices, and building exteriors.
Creating your custom aluminum sign is easier than you think. Choose a size that works best for your indoor or outdoor space. Then simply select a design that suits your business –or design yourself using our tools -and put your information into our metal sign maker. You can add your company name and logo, store hours, directions, parking garage information, and more. Once you’re done, give your personalized metal sign a once-over and check out. It doesn’t get easier than this!
Once you receive your metal sign for your business, remove it from the box and get started. Here are a few options for setting up your custom metal sign:

• Drill with nuts and bolts onto outdoor posts

• Screw into wood or concrete using washers

• Clamp your signs onto a wall or garage

• Place indoors on our portable easels

• Opt for pre-drilled holes to hang with spacers


Because metal needs protection, a basic finish is standard in the sign fabrication industry. Finishes can also make a metal sign eye-catching, a desired feature for environmental signage.
Having a sign that represents what your business is about is important to attract new customers. Whether you are going for a modern or a more traditional look for your sign, you can achieve those results with a personalized metal sign.

Nowadays, custom metal signs are some of the most popular signs used by businesses across the world. If you pay attention to the signs you see on the street, you will find most of them are made with some metal type. From retail signs to residential signs, our personalized metal signs are used by everyone in need of attractive and affordable signage solutions.

If you want to give your business a professional and distinctive look, a custom metal sign can help you make a statement. There are many benefits to using metal signs. We have put together this list highlighting some of the most important things you need to know.