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Celebrate the Sea With These 6 Nautical-Themed Metal Signs

Nautical-themed décor was all the rage in the 1980s, and much like other trends in fashion and interior design, everything old is new again. As with clothing and musical fads, of course, the new always improves upon what came before. Today’s nautical themes are more sophisticated and stylish than the “hanging seaweed” products of yesteryear; […]

Patriotism Matters: 6 Metal Signs That Put America First

According to a disheartening 2022 poll from Gallup, only 38% of Americans profess feeling “proud” of their country – a low that hasn’t been grazed in the history of the survey. Indeed, before this rock-bottom result, the number of citizens who answered that way had never dipped below 55%. It’s clear that patriotism is a […]